Episode 21: New Year’s Baby

Happy 2012 from Yoda and Bill!

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15 Responses to “Episode 21: New Year’s Baby”

  1. Tammy says:

    It’s has been long enough. I’m glad you posted a new episode! =]

  2. emilee_80 says:

    Praise baby Jesus in the hay!!!!! Thank you and keep posting you silly bitches

  3. Jenna says:

    Wish it would work for the iPad!! I’ll have to wait until its on iTunes !!

  4. Dylan says:

    YES! Please keep making more Yoda! :)

  5. Dave says:

    Love the podcast! HILARIOUS! Keep it up Cricket !

  6. Karim says:

    pim im a big fan i though u stoped i hear ur podasts like ever day u guys are the best

  7. Karim says:

    lol siri and yoda

  8. Will says:

    hey love ur podcast listen to it all the time but you guys need to post more often!!
    like way more often!!

  9. Jared says:

    Hey don’t just give up like last time, keep on making videos, u guys r awesome!

  10. will says:

    hey guys. im like ur biggest fan of ur podcast i listen to it literally every night; its so hilarious!!! any way, you guys REALLY need to start posting more episodes like weekly or bi-weekly plzzzzz!!!!!! i will love it if u do and it will be the best birthday gift ever!!! (b-day was very recently)

  11. Miguel says:

    Hey guys, please keep making your videos their so hilarious, so best ones will always make me laugh no matter how many times i listen to then like when yoda shot his hand of literary made me LOL.

  12. Angel says:

    Hey you guys whats going on, where are the new episodes man, come on i don’t think it takes really long to make one, anyways if you do make one and you have a way to donate money i will definitively donate but come on guys, this was like the first podcast i ever heard and its been my favorite sow far.

  13. Tyler says:

    make some more guys! you inspired me to make my own podcasts.

  14. Drew says:

    Yeah! I’d donate if you guys would keep making episodes. Seriously!

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