About Yoda and Me

“Yoda and Me” chronicles the lives of Bill and his new roommate Yoda.  Get a peek inside Yoda’s world and discover what life is like being a twenty-five inch tall, green character actor.  Created & Performed by  David Hornsby (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) & Loren Tarquinio (“Free Radio”).

Note that David and Loren rotate playing Yoda and Bill.  Because it’s more fun that way.
All episodes produced by David Hornsby, Loren Tarquinio and Anna Vocino.
Hosted by: Aflalo Communications Inc.

31 Responses to “About Yoda and Me”

  1. Hey, I love your show and I wrote about it in one of my blog posts for my journalism class.

  2. Joe says:

    GREAT podcast guys! I love the rants Yoda goes on! Keep up the good work. And if it all goes bad….you can always just throw it in the river.

  3. emily says:

    Hi guys! you’re so funny… i’m enjoying the yoda voice. it makes me laugh. he has so much inflection it’s crazy. :) keep it up! i want to be friends with u two someday– how cool would that be?

  4. Bob Metzger says:

    I always knew that Yoda had more depth than he showed in those hack Star War B movies. Can’t wait to hear about his time on stage doing Shakespeare.

  5. john hoffman says:

    this is geinius guys thanks

  6. Kate Addy says:

    This. Is. Amazing. Keep up the good work guys, Yoda and Me is funny and cute.

  7. "dude" says:

    Hi guys I love your podcast it’s insanely funny, I laugh ever time!!!

  8. Justin W says:

    oh! that’s why some episodes you guys sound different. you switch parts. cool.

  9. Korey Eiche says:

    You guys are probably too busy, or don’t have time for it but I’ve been running my own podcast and I would love to have yodas input about video games.


    P.S. I look forward to every other tuesday so I can listen to this podcast…Thanks for making it awesome!

  10. Korey Eiche says:

    Happy Cinco De Mayo as well!

  11. Scott says:

    Hey guys…long time subscriber, first time listener here. Love your work, but am a wee bit confused.

    You signed off Episode 14 with a “See you next time,” comment. So, am I supposed to be streaming video of myself while listening? If so I need to switch over to my laptop since that’s the only webcam I have…and really need to shave my back. Geesh, this is gonna be a lot of work.

    Oooh…and a quick question for Yoda. Dude, did you like play Grover on Sesame Street? You sound just like him!

  12. Ben says:

    meet me at the waterfall! then put trash in the river!

  13. "dude" says:

    good advice, very helpful and some times useless but fun

  14. Justin W says:

    I really wish you could put episode 4 on itunes. i have every other episode on my ipod.

  15. Justin W says:

    Go on to wikipedia.com and look up Yoda and me. I made a wikipedia page for you guys.

  16. Bob (again) says:

    Man you guys are like, part of my life now and this is one way to escape the world and live a little

    Keep Making Epicness!

  17. Nicole says:

    Hey! I hope this podcast is still going strong however, after listening to the episode from yesterday my hopes have diminished. I look to see if there is a new podcast daily and I really do look forward to it. I know many people in the office listen in and it would be sad if you guys stopped doing the podcast. So please continue! I am not ready for this to end! Thanks.

  18. Ed says:

    So, I’ve had girls break up with me before but I never really gave a s**t. Having this podcast end so soon would be far worse than a break-up. Please come back baby!

  19. Allybal says:

    Continue or die?

    naw, I’m mostly kidding ;P

  20. TOMMYBOY says:


  21. Ash says:

    I went through the whole 19 episodes tonight to relive the magic and get my fix until the next show. “Everyone’s doing the Day-Go-Bah! The Day-Go-Bah!! The Day-Go-Bah!!!”

  22. Cecilia says:

    I love love love this podcast. I look forward to your podcast each month. I am really hoping you are not going to pull the plug. We need more of Yoda and the things he doesn’t like. It’s hilarious. Especially when he hisses cause of Robert Pattison, or Mark. LOL Keep it up guys!!!!!

  23. Paul Paz y Mino says:

    I NEED Yoda and me! Preferably “down by the docks”. PLEASE come back!

  24. please keep posting :’(

  25. Fin says:

    guys your show is awesome. please make more episodes. Your making me feel a little salty. Are your guys feeling a bit salty?

  26. 2NNJA4U says:

    u guys need to do more podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Erin says:

    I miss The Green One. I need more episodes so I have something to do at work!! You guys are great!!

  28. Maniam says:

    Guys, thank you. I love this podcast. I listen to it everyday driving home from work and it releases my stress. Please keep it going don’t stop.

  29. will says:

    hey guys. im like ur biggest fan of ur podcast i listen to it literally every night; its so hilarious!!! any way, you guys REALLY need to start posting more episodes like weekly or bi-weekly plzzzzz!!!!!! i will love it if u do and it will be the best birthday gift ever!!! (b-day was very recently)

  30. Andy says:


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