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  • Hilarious!

    And the gays do set the trends! (yes we do)! And we are taking over the world!! MUHAHAHAHA! Nothing you can do about it!

  • Very funny! Love it!


    The Yoda voice filter was switched with Bills. It’s not the same when Yoda has a lower voice.

  • Why did the audie sound differnt? Was someone else doing the show? If so when will the original cast come back…………..? Still good, just not as good :-(. 3 out of 5.

  • Roles are reversed. If I understand correctly David Hornsby, who usually plays Yoda, is now Bill; and Loren Tarquinio, usually Bill is, now Yoda.

  • hey um actually there is no voice filter it is a real voice but the voice is not a real human voice. YET I LUV THIS PODCAST!!
    i no a lot about technology!

  • This is my favorite episode. My father and I often go around saying “The dunes, man! We need to tunes for the dunes!”. I even put that on his birthday card I made for him, ha.

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