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  • Yoda, having a dog is a dealbreaker? lol Dude, thats Emily! Shes funny and hot! You will regret ur decision lol

  • I laughed so much with you guys! Emily was amazing and Yoda you should give “samantha” another chance, maybe her dog don’t eat green meat(?). lol :)

  • There’s a lot of Emily’s fans in uproar about this, but I found it funny :) She should become a regular guest :p Samantha and Yoda sitting in a tree…. k i s s i n g hahah

  • I must be from another planet. I thought the episode was flat. It wasn’t funny. In fact, I’d like a refund on the 10 minutes I wasted on it.

  • Most the Emily fans in upoar are becuase they think ‘they know her’. They’re delusional, and are pissed that she did this with her boyfriend. And want David and Emily to date, and they don’t care that she’s dating someone, and he’s married with two kids. They need to get lives.

    I thought it was funny.

  • This was hilarious! Emily sounded like she was having fun, too. You should definitely have her back on. I don’t think people understand that this is SUPPOSED to be funny! They were ACTING! Brooke, I have to agree with you on this. They were attacking David through Twitter, as well. It was really ridiculous. Those so called Emily “fans” looked really crazed and stupid. So, I think we got the last laugh, tbh lol

    Anyway, David and Loren keep up the funnies! Fuck the haters!

  • Most Emily fans don’t want David and Emily together, we very much respect their personal relationships, we also don’t think we know her. We have lives and what your saying is offensive to people who are just fans.

    I’m huge Emily fan and I thought this was very funny and she did great, she should be back on more often.

  • Nikki just should shut her trap, she dislikes Bones and doesn’t even like Emily and is here to annoy people.

    No one dislikes David Hornsby’s persona, we don’t even know him, we just find this podcast offensive. Joking about rape isn’t funny and if you ever knew someone who died of cancer you wouldn’t be making jokes about it.

  • I think it was hilarios, enjoyed it all the way through! Wouldn’t mind hearing more from Samantha, not only because Emily played her, but because she seems like a nice addition to Yoda and Bill. Yoda should think about that date again :)

  • I think Emily should come back for more. She didn’t have much to work with this time around. She is hilarious…give her more to do!

  • someone please tell me what do they say in the talk I do not understand much English and I translate difficult please.

  • LMAO!!!! This is super funny! And Emily is effin’ awesome! And the Yoda voice is really great, I just WISH that I could do that! 😀

  • what’s this all about? i love this podcast because i love david he is hot and sexy and i think i’m in love with him. loren is hawt too but david is just dreamy!!!!!!! fantastic episode!

  • lol its so funny i was like laughing me eyes out…emily is so great….lol its so funny hahahahaha

  • Amazing! Brilliant! So funny!
    Please, let Emily come back, she’s so nice and her voice is sexy! lol
    We want the date!!!!! 😀

  • Just discovered this podcast because of Emily (Bones’ fan). It’s hilarious! Loved it! Yes, we want the date. Now I just go to listen all the missed ones!! You guys are great!

  • Deeeear Lord!!! Deeeear Lord!!!……….Amen!!!

    Emily was great !!! That was hilarious until he called her “slut” that part I didn’t liked!!!She is wonderfull person!!!

  • OMG, it was very, very sad!!! How is possible that David Horsby called her, Emily played  Samantha a slut. That wasn’t funny at all, even if she was playing a role, but David was rude, very rude, unpleasant, what did he mean abaut saying funeral, an exotic dancer, erotic bunny, what kind of person is he??? Even if this was a play. Poor Emily being with him.

  • Hi- Never listened to this podcast before but stumbled upon it because of Emily’s guest spot–qwerky, funny! What blows my mind is that people can not seem to separate Emily the person from Emily the actress. You’re not calling her “Emily”, you’re calling her “Samantha” (naming the dog tabithia was a cool throwback to ‘bewitched’) so listeners need not be insulted on her behalf– making comments like that imply Emily lacks the descretion to make her own project choices. I love “bones” and I enjoy opportunities to see you as yourself.
    Best of Luck

  • I thought it was hilarious! And for the “insulting” comments, ED is playing a CHARACTER as is David Hornsby. It’d be no different if they were playing characters on TV.

  • I know I’m a little late to this party but CALM YO TITS! It’s not like he’s really calling Emily a slut. They’re acting, She wasn’t Emily she was Samantha. Differentiate people.

    Although it sounded like she was actually getting upset when he started asking her about her career…

    Emily’s voice is so amazing btw just like everything else about her.

  • I thought this was really funny! I’m glad I discovered this! I laughed a lot and I think all three of you did awesome!

  • OMG this is wayyy too funny. It’s so not offensive in anyway cos they’re obviously in character and they sound like they’re having a lot of fun.

  • Acabo de descubrir “Yoda an Me” y estoy totalmente cautivada. FANTASTICO episodio con ED haciendo de Samantha… he muerto de risa durante los casi once minutos.
    Besos desde Perú!!!

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