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  • sooo, what happens to yoda now? did his and get blown off?

    my favorite part of the episode has to be:

    yoda: quick! get a turner kit!
    bill: what? no we don’t need a turner kit!
    yoda: well then grab the omaha steak!


  • Haha guys i love this podcast…I hope Yoda’s okay XD you brought the sunshine back into my day hahaha this is just too precious can’t wait for the next one !!!!

  • Hahaha guys! I was laying in bed listening to this and almost fell off when Yoda shot himself was yelled “pride!” hah, but I hope he’s okay now. The gays must be worried about him! Great job!

  • Hey Bill and Yoda, just wondering, how many Eps. are you going to make. Cause I want them to continue forever so that I will always have something to laugh to.

  • I absolutely adore this podcast! Hope Yoda is ok and my message to Bill: you are awesome for sticking with Yoda xD Love you guys!

  • Guys, the new episode is 20 days late…. Please hurry ok i wanna hear and laugh my butt off.

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