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  • Often at times it seems that the edge is being pushed with jokes from this series. When it is done in short burst it can sometimes be funny, but it seemed this whole episode crossed the line and then kept walking. I hope that things go back to how they were and not where this episode went. I have really enjoyed this podcast to this point, I have high hopes that it will return to being funny and not just offensive.

  • i personally agree completely with “chubsfan’s” comment on episode 8 of “yoda and me”. it was to over the top inappropriate to me. i found myself not laughing but wishing that the funny stuff would arrive sooner. im very disappointed on how this podcast has turned out in the later episodes. i hope that in the future the “yoda and me” series will re-establish itself as the funny fun loving podcast that ot was in the earlier episodes.

  • No Way, you guys are crazy. This podcast is gold and that is all there is to say. The serious has kept the same awesome yoda humor all the way through.

  • I loved this episode. I have laughed harder at other episodes but this one was still hilarious. Yoda as the dirty and inappropriate old man will always be funny. Keep it up!

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